Effort Administrator is the affordable, web-based time and effort certification system for small and mid-sized universities and other research institutions.  Designed like an on-line banking system, Effort Administrator is easy to use and is the replacement for your paper and spread sheet based systems.  And, Effort Administrator easily integrates with your existing pre-award, accounting, and payroll software to create a powerful time and effort certification system.


Effort Administrator is designed for both administrators and research faculty and staff.  It includes a flexible, multi-level security and effort certification system that can be configured for institutions of all types and sizes.  Effort Administrator can be implemented using your institutions certification rules and allows certification to be based on payroll records, time sheets, or salary distribution records.  Faculty, scientists, and research staff may enter their own time sheets; or modify and/or certify their own effort records as fed from your payroll system.  Administrators can then review and approve these previously certified time and effort records.  Notification and alert systems provide friendly reminders of reporting and certification deadlines in order to increase participation of faculty, staff and research scientists.


Effort Administrator is not only an effort certification system but a full scale time and effort reporting system.  Reports provide information in both summary and detailed formats enabling you to meet internal, state, and federal reporting requirements.  Effort Administrator reports include sponsored research and hard money; committed to actual effort comparisons; and the monitoring of cost sharing.  Results may be presented in hours or percentages and information may be provided by individual or groups of employees, sponsored projects, or departments or divisions within your organizational hierarchy.


Effort Administrator is a turn key effort certification system that can be customized to meet specific client needs.  It can operate independently or as an integrated part of your existing ERP software.


Powerful, Scalable, Flexible, Affordable, and Easy to use – Effort Administrator delivers all in one effort certification system.